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Water Damage Mission Viejo

Want quick help with a water damage in Mission Viejo? Call (800) 821-9267 today to book your inspection from licensed and experienced water damage Mission Viejo professionals. Floors are the usual suspect of getting the worst of every kind of damage from water. 

However walls, ceilings and cabinets of furniture all over the house get pretty banged up as well which may not always be as straightforward to fix and repair as a floor would.

Popcorn ceiling ruined

The type of ceiling or walls that is named ‘Popcorn’, is the rigid texture that almost looks like gravel and rocks have been crushed into pieces and layed out under paint. Different sizes of grades with thin, medium and coarse. It was a big trend in the 70’s that many people still have today.  

However, when water touches this material, it’s not always easy to save or repair. The reason for that is because, even the most highly skilled water damage Mission Veijo experts, matching the exact same texture and color is not so simple especially in much larger stains and damages. If the water damage Mission Veijo experts are able to save your popcorn ceiling, a rough process entails this process:

  1. Once the damage is assessed, the area needs to be completely dry before going ahead with repair. 
  2. Scrape all damaged areas and around the perimeter and sand down smoothly.
  3. Wipe all access away with damp cloth, then apply a durable and premium stain blocking primer before adding new popcorn texture.
  4. Apply the same popcorn texture, grade and color and texture.

Kitchen cabinets under water

Cabinets are sometimes a simple fix if the damage is small and has not deteriorated too much with,

  • Sanding down the wood.
  • Paint base primer.
  • Paint cabinet.

However it’s not always that simple. Many water damage Mission Veijo professionals will tell you once they see the cause if it’s worth fixing. In many cases, especially with kitchen cabinets, you will most likely have to throw away the old and purchase new ones.

Hiring water damage Mission Viejo professionals are recommended

A lot of homeowners like to DIY projects which is great for design or creating something. When it involves a flood of water or storm that crashes your home, even your bathroom pipes leaking, leave it to the water damage Mission Viejo experts at (800) 821-9267. You can do a lot worse damage trying to sort out yourself and cost you a lot more money then going to the professionals in the first place. Save yourself time and money.

Emergency water removals/repairs & restores

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